What is the Best Travel Crate for Dogs?

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What is the best travel crate for dogs? 

Every year,  dogs travel millions of motorized miles. Preferably as safe and comfortable as possible, so stress-free for the occupants and the four-legged friend himself. But how?  It is important that the dog cannot endanger the occupants. Because in a collision at 30 miles / h  (50 km / h) , even a small dog can become a life-threatening projectile for passengers in the car.

The safest way to transport your dog is in a metal car crate. Of  various transportation crates / benches it becomes clear that in general a majority of products tested receive the final rating of “good” or “very good”. In some cases , thanks to the established mounting set being available, you can secure the bench with three-point belts. Also hard plastic transport benches / crates can be used,  the comfort for the dog is comparable to that of metal crates but in terms of safety, plastic cannot match metal.

Crash tests show that the dog dummy was not kept and the rear wall of the plastic box was splintered.  Plastic boxes are therefore mainly designed for dog transport on airplanes and some cases less suitable for use in the car. Therefore pay good attention when buying a quality plastic transport crate / bench. In the event of a collision, the risk of injury to the dog is higher than with a metal or aluminum dog crate / bench.  We have added some recommended models further down in this post.

Less safe are the dog safety harnesses.

In test almost all dog safety harnesses didn’t deliver as expected and therefore the choice is easy, buy a transportation crate / bench  if safety and your family wellness is priority!

We have seen that in crash tests the placed dummies with a harness almost all reached the  windshield  despite the seat belt remaining intact.

What is the best travel crate for dogs? – Conclusion

In general, your dog is better protected in a metal transportation crate / bench. Unfortunately, this is also the more expensive option. Check for good mounting and place in the car. From the point of view of safety for the dog and other occupants, a mounted metal bench, right against the back seat, is the best choice. Preferably also anchored in the trunk.

There are also of course also good quality plastic transportation crates that we can recommend too. Just check them out here below where we have made an overview for Dog Travel Safety Equipment .

Our Top Recommended RetrieverPlanet Vivicon 1



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KEY BENEFITS RetrieverPlanet Vivicon 1


  • The Variocage was engineered with an adjustable length, allowing it to fit in most vehicles and accommodate almost every breed of dog!
  • This model is the Variocage Double, designed for two dogs. It features a movable center divider that is easily adjustable if one of the dogs needs more space. The back section of the center divider will adjust and lock diagonally giving your larger dog more room. This center divider can also be easily removed.
  • The Variocage comes in a total of 4 adjustable models and 14 sizes; there is sure to be one that fits your vehicle and the needs of your dog(s). To see which model will work best for you, please see our links below.
  • Easily add a Pair of Leash Hooks, a Bumper Cover & Mat or a Spill-Proof Water Bowl by checking the corresponding boxes before clicking Add to Cart. The Roll Mat will help protect your vehicle from scratches and dirt while protecting your dogs from slipping while entering and exiting the cargo area. The Spill-Proof Water bowl gives your dogs access to freshwater during your trips without the mess of a wet cage!
  • The Variocage also works great in pickup trucks. (You must place the Variocage in the bed of the pickup with the back of the cage against the rear of the driver / passenger cabin.)

KEY BENEFITS RetrieverPlanet Vivicon 1

  • Easy-to-close door
  • Stable aluminum frame
  • Reinforced back wall
  • Strong corner connectors for stability
  • Maintenance-free parts
  • Good air circulation
  • Designed to prevent biting or climbing of the crate
  • Interior parts are rounded for the pet’s safety
  • Unhindered rear view
  • Tie down straps and anti-slip strips provide a good grip
  • Dirt stays inside the dog-box

KEY BENEFITS RetrieverPlanet Vivicon 1

  • The (formerly known as Ruff Tough) Ruff Land Double Door Side Entry Dog Crates can be coupled together for multiple access points, and more options for configurations! The vent hole pattern displayed comes standard. These crates can also be loaded with add-ons!
  • Man’s best friend deserves a dog kennel that’s a cut above the rest. That’s why the Ruff Land Kennel is one of the most popular dog kennels on the market, made from high-quality plastic, molded into a single piece for added durability. Finally, a truly stackable dog crate that offers superior strength, durability, and has been field-tested to hold the weight of a 350-pound man.
  • Ruff Land crates come standard in a sleek white granite color and are also available in additional colors to add a little flair to your crates: Rockstone Tan and Orange Speckled.
  • How rough is the Ruff Land Kennel? After putting it through some serious testing (specifically a 12-foot drop), there was no noticeable effect on the kennel. Even after four drops, there were only some scratches, but never any splits or cracks.

KEY BENEFITS RetrieverPlanet Vivicon 1

Orion kennels are designed for all adventure dogs and consumers with a “dog-centric design” approach. We design for the moments when you’re closest to your dog – inside your home;  set up by the campfire; buckled inside a vehicle; taking him or her along on your adventures.


  • Whether you’re camping, RV’ing, overlanding or kayaking with your dog (or just hanging out at home!), you’ll enjoy the use of our unique door system that opens left, right, off, or go up into an awning. Convenience is key!
  • Rope handles and plastic enclosure act as an elastic force absorber and provides maximum protection for your pet.
  • Our rock-climbing rope that runs the perimeter of the kennel creates multiple handles for ease of transport and also allows you to secure it in a vehicle using seat belts which aids in shock absorption.
  • We can do molding in multiple colors. This gives every kennel a unique look.
  • Orion has various accessories to choose from including kennel flooring options to covers and MOLLE pouches. 

KEY BENEFITS RetrieverPlanet Vivicon 1

Dual Lined Dog Box with Top Storage is designed for hunters, dog trainers and K-9 professionals.


  1. Two lined dog compartments
  2. Full length top storage compartment for hunting and training accessories
  3. U.S. made of Diamond Tread Aluminum with Stainless Steel hardware
  4. Rust-free and non-corroding
  5. Gas struts securely lift storage lid
  6. Rattle-free spring loaded steel handles for easy transport
  7. Includes storm covers for doors (and vents on Deluxe)
  8. Corrugated plastic liner for comfort and easy cleaning
  9. Lockable slam-latch doors with flush-mounted handles
  10. One-year warranty
  11. Made in the U.S.A.
  • This Hunter Series Double Kennel Dog Box is ideal for the hunter needing to travel with two dogs. Not only can you transport your dogs right into the field with you, but select options have a convenient built-in top storage compartment can be used for storing all of your hunting and training supplies as well.
  • Diamond-tread aluminum gives you a lifetime of rust-free service in a box that’s strong yet lightweight. Dog compartments feature corrugated liners to insulate and cushion your dog while protecting his coat from dark marks. He’ll get good air flow through the side vents and door vents, and compartment divider also has vent holes. Gas struts easily lift the storage lid and securely hold it open. 
  • Removable sliding storm covers protect dogs from bad weather or unwanted attention. Lockable slam latch doors let your secure your dog, while flush mounted latches prevent snagging in the field. New rattle-free spring-loaded handles make transport easy.

There are more interesting models and asseccoires available which you can check out here! 

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