What are Dog Carrier Backpacks?

Dog Carrier Backpack soft

Dog Carrier Backpacks

Dog carrier backpacks are must-have items, especially if you love bringing your furry friend along your trips. Whether it’s an old puppy you would not want to leave alone at home, or a small one that is likely to tucker out during extended walk session, having the right backpack will help ensure that your dog is always on the go.

Why a Dog Carrier Backpack is Important

Hiking provides one with a therapeutic experience to help wind down some stress or enjoy the environment. The experience is more fun when you bring your dog along as it can be a great opportunity for you to create a connection with it. However, much as you will enjoy bringing him/her along long trails might cause the dog to lose stamina since they cannot move as fast or sustain long distances. It is therefore important that you get a dog carrier backpack to help with carrying your pet during your next hiking adventure.

Dog carrier backpacks are extremely helpful in airports as they function both as a carry-on and backpack carrier. Therefore, if you are a frequent traveller, it is important that a backpack carrier be on top of the list of travelling must-haves.

Are Dog Carrier Backpacks safe?

There exists a number of misconceptions among some dog owners regarding the use of pet carrier backpacks. For example, some have expressed fears that these backpacks will suffocate or injure their pets. However, to the contrary, these backpacks are quite helpful. They allow you to safely and securely carry your pets and bring them anywhere with you.

What type of Dog Carrier Backpack do you have?

There are different types of dog carrier backpacks to choose from. They include:


Backpack Dog Carriers

As denoted by its name, this type of dog carrier is carried on the back and has a wide variety of styles such as ones developed for use on public transit or the hiking backpacks that have a sportier look.

When choosing this type of dog carrier backpack, ensure that you get one with plenty of ventilation for your pet and extra padding on the shoulder areas.

Sling Carrier

A sling carrier comes with a fabric extension which wraps around you while leaving a small comfortable compartment for your pet. This type of dog carrier backpack works best with un-vaccinated puppies, toy breeds and small animals with a nervous personality and require some cuddling. 

More available information about models and pricing van be found here

Soft-Sided Carrier

This pet carrier backpack is designed to be carried on the side and has an extended strap. This pet carrier has the following advantages: perfect if you are looking to travel with a pet below the seat of your flight, it is small, very light and allows for more flexibility. More models and price info click here pls.

Hard-Sided Carriers

Also known as kennels, these type of dog carriers spot rugged and durable plastic to help it withstand wear and tear. With this pet carrier, you reassured of maximum security for your pet and are very easy to clean.

You will, however, have to contend with the extra weight as they can be quite bulky and heavy compared to other dog carrier backpack.

Who should buy a Dog Carrier Backpack?

A dog carrier backpack is for anyone would like to travel with their dog or bring it to one of his or her adventures. With a pet carrier backpack, your pet is not left behind anytime you go for a hike, afternoon drive or bike ride or long distance travels. A majority of the pet carrier backpacks fit the size required by airport regulations allowing you to bring your pet to your overseas travels.

Important factors to consider when buying a Dog Carrier Backpack

If you are in the market for a pet carrier backpack, consider the following factors:


Purpose of pet carrier backpack

It is important to think about how you will be using the pet carrier backpack. How you intend on using your pet carrier will determine the type of carrier you will get, for example, if you plan to bring your dog to hiking with you, consider getting the backpack dog carrier. For car and air transportation, you are better off with the hard-sided carriers.


The measurements and size of your dog

Before purchasing a dog carrier backpack, it is important that you take the correct measurements of your dog. Our advice is that the perfect pet carrier has to be spacious to allow your dog to turn around and stand freely while being large enough to allow your pet to stretch out.

To get the perfect measurements, start from the base of his or her neck and measures across his or her back up to the root of the tail. You want to ensure that you add a few inches for the tail and the head. If the chosen backpack does not allow for flexibility, ensure that you add a few inches to the final measurements.

Other specifics to consider when buying a Dog Carrier or Dig Carrier Backpack:



It is important that a pet carrier maintains sturdiness to prevent it from collapsing on your pet. Therefore, always check for reinforcement on the seams and corners. Additionally, sit the carrier down to check for tilts as these can be very irritating to your dog.



It is okay to exercise frugality, but not for your dog carrier backpack. Remember that it is there to keep your pet comfortable and safe. If you can arrange to see the carrier in person before buying, be on the look for a cosy interior, plenty closures, belts, sturdy latches, double stitching on seams and other high-quality materials.



There are pets who have a hard time holding their poop in and therefore, you should consider getting a carrier with plastic sides rather than a soft-sided carrier as they are easier to clean.



Most pet owners will often acquire a pet carrier for a single purpose, for example, for hiking, flights or car trips. However, it is important that you go for the one giving you more flexibility. For example, be on the lookout for pet carriers with shoulder straps that convert to backpack straps, one with expanding and contracting carriers.


The temperament of your dog

There are some pets that will resist a carrier as some get anxious in small spaces or when they see many people. Discern whether your pet loves more or less visibility when being carried.:

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Accessories for your Pet Carrier Backpack

While getting the dog carrier backpack will be enough, you can make the experience more comfortable by acquiring some few accessories. If your dog carrier backpack has extra room, include a comfort item such as a bone, a chew toy or a favorite blanket.

If you are afraid of having the pet poop or wet the backpack, you can include a disposable puppy training pad or an insert pad.

For long and extended travels, it will be beneficial if you bring along a separate pet travel bag. These allow you to store such items as toys, food containers and water dishes.

Dog Carrier Basckpacks – Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the frequently asked questions regarding pet carrier backpacks:


What is a dog carrier backpack and how it is used?

A dog carrier backpack is a carrier designed to make carrying your dog around much easier. It comes with straps to make it comfortable when you carry it on your back or on the side.

To use it. Pick up your dog from under his or her front legs while you support the bottom with your other hand. Continue to place your dog in the carrier backpack through the entryway so that he or she does not end up trapped. Use the straps and latches to keep him or her from escaping.


What is the perfect size for my dog carrier backpack?

When choosing the ideal carrier backpack for your dog, ensure that he or she can stand inside and turn around comfortably. It is also important to be on the lookout for any weight recommendations included by the manufacturer.


How do I train my dog to use the carrier backpack?

There are a variety of ways you can use to train your dog to use the carrier backpack. However, one simple way to get started is putting him or her in the carrier and practice the same thing over and over, and you will see him or her adopting that trend and developing a liking towards carrier backpacks.


Will my dog enjoy the carrier backpack?

It is important to note that not all dogs will love a carrier backpack and will require training for a while before getting used to.

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