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Long ago these types of bait dogs were used in Europe to lure ducks into a net. Just over a hundred years ago, in the “Little River” district in “Yarmouth County” in southwestern Nova Scotia, Canada, the hunters also used bait dogs that, just like the “MicMac Indian Dog”, lured water wild to the side just like the fox did.

These dogs were the result of crossbreeding with the different retrievers, including probably Liver-colored flat-coated retriever, Golden Retriever, Brown Spaniel, Irish Setters, Labrador Retriever, and yellow Border Collie-like dogs.

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Hi, welcome to my blog about the amazing breed Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever!

My name is Eline van Stiphout and I live in The Netherlands. Together with my husband Arthur and our sweet Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Stippy, the three of us love to travel and go on outdoor adventures. 

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