Is it worth insuring your dog?

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Is it worth insuring your Dog?


More and more is possible in the field of veterinary care for dogs and cats and developments are continuing. Extensive treatment options can entail high costs, it is now possible to insure yourself against this, and pet insurance reimburses medical expenses as a result of an accident and illness.

By taking good care of your dog, you can prevent many physical problems. Still, you are not always in control of a disease or accident. Are you able to pay unexpected medical costs for your pet? If not, taking out health insurance for a dog or cat can prevent financial and emotional distress.

Is there a condition that you naturally want to do everything possible to solve it. Most pet insurance policies cover proven quality treatments. You can take out such insurance via the internet, read the conditions carefully to find out what is and is not adequately insured, because these conditions can differ per insurer.

For example, it is essential to know whether disorders of the elbows and hips are included as standard in the basic package. In some cases, it is possible to take out additional insurance for additional treatments, for example, behavioral therapy.

Go to the vet as soon as possible if you think your dog is ill. Have your dog vaccinated annually to prevent illness.
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Good reasons to think about taking a Pet Insurance 


Insuring your Dog – You want security

You want to make sure that if something happens to your dog, your dog will get the care he needs. Imagine that your dog has an accident or other emergency care is required. You want to go to the vet immediately in an emergency and not talk about the costs before emergency surgery. Dog insurance provides security.


Insuring your Dog – You do not have the money to pay all at once

Unfortunately, every dog can get sick and even chronically ill or have an accident. The costs of treatment can then add up considerably. The amounts between 2000 and 5000 euros are quite common. If your own savings are not enough to pay for expensive treatments, a dog health insurance is a solution to be able to offer your dog every possible expensive care, … if necessary.


The Pet insurance market


You already have dog insurance for a small amount per month!

For an amount between 8 to 25 euros per month, you already have insurance for your dog. These costs are manageable, especially if you compare them to the amount that you would have to pay in one go. If you assume the average lifespan of 10 years and you pay 20 euros monthly for 10 years, you will cost a total of 2400 euros. With one expensive treatment, you already have those costs of the dog insurance.

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Saving yourself for your dog’s care is much too slow

You can choose to save some money every month instead of paying for dog insurance, but that takes a while and it probably isn’t enough. To give an example. If your dog has an allergy that causes problems or has to undergo major surgery, amounts between 3000 and 4000 euros are quite reasonable.

If you set aside 20 euros per month, after two years, you will only have 480 euros in your savings account. You can, therefore, not easily match the insurer financially.


Spending your savings to your dog’s medical bills?

You may have the money, but you don’t plan to spend your savings on high medical costs. You prefer to spend your savings on the fun things in life, things that you cannot insure. If your dog urgently needs precious medical help, you have just taken care of your affairs.


You just don’t like risks

The average coverage of a dog health insurance for medical costs is between 2000 and 5000 euros per year. Why would you risk paying thousands of euros out of pocket if you don’t have to?

You think it is your responsibility to guarantee care for your dog

As an owner, you are responsible for the happiness and well-being of your dog. Maybe you have enough money now, but whether that will still be the case in five years? You have no idea. That is why you think it’s just a matter of taking responsibility, so you don’t have to worry about caring for your most loyal friend.


Your dog is still young, and the premium is therefore lower

Getting a puppy to insured right away means investment costs are relatively low, and you are hopefully spreading the costs over a long and happy dog ​​life.

The older your dog, the higher the risk of medical procedures. If you insure your dog at a later age, you, therefore, pay a higher premium per month. Consequently, it can be a wise decision to take out insurance for your new housemate right away.


Money should not play a role in life and death decisions

Many vets report that dog owners sometimes decide to put their dog to sleep because they simply don’t have the money to save the dog. Money shouldn’t play a role for you when it comes to life and death decisions. Your dog’s health is not something you want to weigh and weigh about, so buy peace of mind with dog insurance.

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You just like to spread costs

Regardless of whether you have the money for expensive procedures or not, you just like to spread the costs for potentially costly expenses. Maybe you end up paying just as much or perhaps even more. Still, at least you do not have the damn that you have a sick pet, and you have to turn over your entire piggy bank to provide all the medical care to your dog at that time. is needed.


A dog may also benefit from the advanced medical care

Medically, more and more is possible from MRI scans to chemotherapy. The new technology enables you and your dog to not only stay alive longer but also to keep your dog’s quality of life as high as possible. That is worth something to you.

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The vet has become increasingly expensive in recent years

Because care for humans and animals is innovating and getting better, better and more complex treatments are possible. Also, for your dog. The vet, therefore, has more advanced equipment in house and must continuously be kept up to date with the latest medical developments. This also requires an investment from the veterinarians that you, as a dog owner, contribute to, willingly or unintentionally.

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There is always a chance that you have to incur high costs

Even if you have a healthy dog, even if you have a purebred dog from the best breeder. Also for your dog is an accident in a small corner. Your dog can be injured in any way. Depending on the severity, this entails high costs. You do not want to have the illusion that it will never happen to your dog and at least be financially prepared for the worst.

Many costs are covered in your dog’s early years

Vaccinations, deworming courses, in the first years of your dog’s life, you regularly visit the vet. Many insurance policies reimburse the costs you incur in the first years of life. In those cases, the dog insurance you have taken out is immediately profitable.

Study and compare the different policies for this if you want to be sure. Because there are many differences in what is and what is not reimbursed.

You know that your dog is getting older and that it involves risks

Nothing in life is guaranteed, but as your dog gets older, the chance of chronic diseases is much higher, just like in humans. A dog can also develop diabetes, and although that is treatable, the costs are high, and from the moment of diagnosis, the bill will continue to come.

By taking out pet insurance as quickly and early as possible, you can also anticipate your dog’s old age and the potential risks of extra costs. Because in old age, you certainly do not want to leave your dog to fend for itself.

There are many different Pet Insurances, but also more and more clever ways of dealing with possible coverage for your dog’s vet expenses. Just have a look at the new alternative way to pet insurance of Eusoh , click here on this link to further explore.

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That you may pay more is also a reason to be happy

Insurance does not always net what they have cost. So it is not always a simple calculation. Insurance is there to provide us with certainty that we can afford it if we have to make really high costs. Of course, it is true that at the end of the ride, it turns out that you paid the insurance more in premium than you needed.

This is the concept of every insurance policy. But that you do not have to use the insurance is also a good sign: your dog has had a long, happy, and healthy life without expensive and annoying medical procedures.


You know exactly which costs are covered and which are not

Each policy states when an insurer will and will not payout. It is completely clear to you that there are also costs that an insurer does not reimburse or only partially reimburse. In fact, you can choose whether to have certain things covered by the policy. This way, you make the decision how much you want to lose per month, what you wish to insure or not. 

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Your dog is a full member of the family and deserves the best

For many people, a dog is not just any dog. It is a full member of the family, and many people even see their dog as their child. If you think your dog deserves the very best, insurance will literally put you on the safe side.


You have several dogs and are therefore more at risk

Especially if you have several dogs, an investment in insurance can be wise. With more dogs, you are simply more at risk of running into the high cost of treatment. Suppose you have three dogs, the costs seem incredibly high. You would pay a premium of 720 euros per year, but if one of your dogs becomes chronically ill or has an accident, it is worth that investment.


Nothing more annoying than worrying about money when you are emotional, a dog health insurance will help

A dog that is sick is emotionally enough. You worry about your dog, and you do not want to worry about peppery bills. If you can get rid of those concerns in advance, it will save a lot of extra stress, so that you can entirely focus on the health and recovery of your animal.

Here you can find more detailed information about what a dog health insurance can cover and what are additional benefits for you and your beautiful dog RetrieverPlanet Vivicon 1

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