Can Dogs Eat Almonds?

Can Dogs Eat Almonds

Can Dogs Eat Almonds?

The quick answer to the question can dogs eat almonds is no, dogs can’t eat almonds. Your dog’s body doesn’t digest the proteins which almonds have as well as us humans do and there are more reasons why your dog should never eat one or more almonds.

Are Almonds Bad For Dogs? 

Almonds aren’t as toxic as some other nuts are but if your dog has eaten a few almonds by accident your pup can have problems with his or her stomach and almonds can cause an obstruction in your dog’s windpipe or intestines which can be highly dangerous and even deadly if not treated by a vet. 

Besides these serious risks, almonds are high in fat as well. If almonds are flavored or seasoned, the spices, sugars, or artificial sweeteners can irritate your pup’s stomach and if salted, spiced, or flavored almonds are consumed in high quantity, the salt can lead to water retention and salt toxicity. In the long term, eating almonds (or any other type of nuts) can lead to pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas), obesity, or bladder stones.

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Unfortunately, many dogs like the taste of almonds so be careful when you have a bowl of almonds or any other kind of nuts on the table. If your dog accidentally ate almonds watch out for the following symptoms:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Gas
  • Lethargy
  • Loss of appetite
  • General discomfort
Can Dogs Eat Almonds Are Almonds Bad For Dogs

What Do I Do If My Dog Ate Almonds?

Keep a close eye on your dog after he or she ate some almonds. No need to panic if your dog ate one or two, just watch him or her for any of the above-mentioned signs or any signs of distress, anxiety, or internal obstruction. If your pup has eaten more than a couple of almonds call your veterinarian for advice. Always trust your gut feeling. You know your dog better than anyone so if your furbaby shows you any signs of illness, anxiety, or discomfort don’t hesitate to call or go to your vet immediately. 

Like with many other kinds of (human) foods, dogs can have an allergic reaction to almonds or other kinds of nuts. Although rare, an allergic reaction can lead to anaphylaxis which can be life-threatening. If your dog shows the following signs of an allergic reaction after eating almonds contact your vet immediately:

  • Swelling (mostly swollen face or muzzle)
  • Hives (Red skin swellings)
  • Itching
  • Excessive drooling
  • Sneezing
  • Coughing
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
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If you have a bowl of almonds or other kinds of nuts on the table when watching TV or entertaining friends and your dog is likely to snatch food from the table be careful and always watch your pooch.

Also, if you go to the kitchen or leave the room just for a few moments make sure your dog can’t snatch the almonds from the table or couch. Always put away the bowl or bag of almond nuts to a place where your furry friend can’t reach.

We as dog owners know that almost every dog when he or she gets the chance, grabs his or her favorite (human) food from the table when he or she can! Always be careful and vigilant about this. This can prevent a lot of trouble and health risks for your pup. 

Our Toller Stippy loves cheese. He’s crazy about it! One time, when my hubby and I had some cheese and wine on a Saturday night watching a movie, we both left the living room for only a few moments and when we came back… no more cheese on the table. Stippy ate it all!

Of course, this was our fault. We should have been more cautious when leaving the room and knowing Stippy can’t resist cheese. After that moment I always think twice before I leave the room with any kind of food on the table.

So, back to the almonds. Can dogs eat almonds? The answer is no. Don’t feed your dog almonds, not even a few. It’s really not worth the risk. There are other, more healthy snacks for your pooch than almonds or other nuts.

We never feed Stippy, our Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, any type of nuts, and personally, I don’t recommend feeding your dog any kind of nut as a snack, not even in very small quantities because there are health risks, even with the least harmful nuts. 

Besides that nuts don’t benefit my retriever’s health, there are plenty of other treats that are much healthier than nuts such as safe fruits, vegetables (both to be given to your dog in limited quantities of course), or healthy dog treats.

I give Treat Me Dog Treats by TruDog to my Duck Tolling Retriever Stippy. He loves them and I know for sure they are healthy and safe! Another benefit, they are really tasty! They have different kind of flavors and snacks, all natural. Our Retriever Stippy loves these snacks! It’s worth to snoop around on their website so click here to go to the TruDog website to have a look.

 When I order treats at TruDog for my Retriever I order the Ultimate Real Meat Treat Me Package. You’ll get real value for your money with this Freeze-Dried Raw Super Treat Pack. It’s really a great deal!

It’s best to enjoy the almonds yourself and let your furbaby go nuts for other, far safer, better, and healthier treats!

Always consult your veterinarian before giving any kind of human food to your dog.

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