Are Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers Good Family Dogs?

Are Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers Good Family Dogs

Are Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers Good Family Dogs?

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers are very loving with their family. Our Toller Stippy loves to snuggle up and cuddle after a long day’s work and there are many other wonderful, loving aspects about the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever I’d love to share with you in this article.

The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever is an outgoing, intelligent and affectionate breed however, Tollers need their exercise, both physically and mentally, which will keep them relaxed and happy dogs. Most dog breeds need their exercise but the Toller is very intelligent and needs challenges regularly like learning new tricks, training or working with his or her owner (hunting, agility, etc.). Tollers are very playful, happy and enthusiastic dogs, that’s why they make such good family dogs, they can really light up the room (or the garden depending on where you are with your little ginger ball of energy)!

Are Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers Good With Kids?

Tollers are good with and for children. They show patience, are loving and they love attention. Our Toller Stippy always enjoys being the center of attention and he’s in for playing, working or walking with us anytime. He’s always happy (one of our many nicknames for him is Mr. Happy Face) and he loves children. He’s very gentle, kind, sensitive, curious and careful around really little kids and the older kids he definitely likes because they will play with him! So birthdays or parties are something Stippy absolutely loves! The more people, the better. 

Our Toller, like many other Tollers, is also very tender and caring. Friends of ours have a child with a disability and Stippy adores him and he adores Stippy. Both are very gentle and cuddly with each other, it’s so beautiful to see these two together and it makes me as a Toller mom even more proud of my sweet dog.

It’s always wise to let your puppy get used to children, big and small, and to instruct the kids that they always have to be careful with dogs. Don’t let the kids tease a dog and teach them how to approach and handle a dog. The same goes for the puppy as well of course. Here is an Amazon link to a very helpful e-book about kids and dogs. I recommend this very nice and informative book, especially if you’re first-time dog owners. 

Are Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers Good Family Dogs Kids

Are Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers Affectionate?

Generally, Tollers are not everyone’s best friend like for example most Labrador or Golden Retrievers are. To their family or people they know they are very loving, open, enthusiastic and affectionate. They can look at you with so much love in their eyes. I always melt when Stippy looks at me like that. When my husband and I return home, even if we’ve only been away for 30 minutes or less, Stippy always greets us with so much enthusiasm and love like we’ve been away for three weeks. That’s so endearing.

On the other hand, a Duck Toller can be a bit timid or shy around strangers. Our Toller Stippy can sometimes also be shy around strangers. When he’s shy he won’t let them pet him if they approach him. He just turns his head and walks away from them. Sometimes he will let a stranger pet him, maybe it has to do with certain energy a person has I don’t know.

Because Tollers are so sensitive they maybe sense things better. It’s just a thought. I don’t mind that our Toller is not everyone’s best friend and that he doesn’t always just walk towards strangers but that’s also personal I guess. Of course there are many Tollers who like strangers, who are not shy at all and walk up to people for some attention and affection.

Are Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers Good Family Dogs Affectionate

Are Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers Cuddly?

In my experience and other people I know who own a Toller (or two), Tollers can be very cuddly. Most Tollers are cuddly but some aren’t, however, that goes for every breed. Stippy is very cuddly especially in the evening when we are chilling on the couch. He always snuggles up against me or falls asleep with his head on my lap. He needs to make physical contact with me, even if it’s only his paw touching my leg or something like that. Very affectionate. I’ve heard from some people that their Toller is less cuddly. Their Toller lays at their feet and that’s about as cuddly as they get but most Toller owners I know have cuddly gingers. 

Are Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers Good Family Dogs Cuddly

Are Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers Good With Cats?

We have two cats so Stippy is used to cats since when he was a puppy. When Tollers are properly socialized they are great with cats. Our two cats (Garret and Rose) were here before Stippy arrived so when Stippy joined us he got used to them from a young age. We carefully introduced them to each other and guess who’s the boss… it’s not the dog! The cats like Stippy. Rose wants to cuddle with him and Garret not so much but enjoys when Stippy is around him. 

Stippy loves to play with them and loves to chase them around. The cats like that game as well. It’s so much fun to watch! We taught Stippy he’s not allowed to chase other cats in the street which he doesn’t. He leaves other cats alone. Introducing an older dog to cats can be a different story but that goes for any breed, not just the Toller. Also, introduce them carefully to each other and let the dog know what the boundaries are when it comes to playing too rough or chasing the cat. 

Are Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers Good Family Dogs Good with cats

With patience and consistency, you can come a long way. If you want to know more about dogs and cats living together or introducing cats and dogs I can recommend reading this book about a Cat-Dog Household (click here for the link to Amazon). It’s a very enlightening, well-researched book so enjoy!

The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever is an amazing, intelligent, outgoing, energetic, sweet-natured, affectionate dog who loves his family, his people and if socialized, loves other pets in and around the house. The Toller only wants one thing; to be with his family who can give him the attention he needs. Give your Toller a job or train, play and walk with him and, he will be a happy, satisfied, loving dog full of energy but can also be a relaxed, satisfied, loving, affectionate and cuddly family dog. Discover more about this amazing breed in my blog All About The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Nova Scotia Ducvk Tolling Retriever

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